Essential Build day items

It will be suggested that if you attend either the build day or the later Band camp weekend, that a couple of items be packed along (besides yourself and a model)
  1. Cutting Mat
  2. Desk Light
  3. Modeling Tools
  4. Modeling Supplies ie Glue, putty etc appropriate to the kit you are building.
  5. Some lose change for the raffle and any books you may want from the book sale.
  6. Comfy clothes, you will be sitting modeling most of the day. You don't need to look smart just feel comfortable.
  7. References or pictures of what you intend to build. Nothing worse than getting an attack of AMS and being unable to proceed.
  8. More than one model. Experience has show that you may hit a wall, and it is good to have a second project to change to. Even more so with so much uninterrupted modeling time you may even finish the first one. With Band camp this is essential. Some people can get multiple models finished in a weekend of modeling.
  9. Your favorite coffee cup.
  10. Anything you think may be needed on the day while working on the model, because you can bet you will need it.
  11. A cushion for the chair, just in case they are hard chairs. Some people even pack their fav chairs.
  12. Your sense of humor and thirst for knowledge and fun. Don't be afraid to say it, ask it, or do it.

We will have a small diaphragm compressor on hand for those essential spraying moments, but you are advised to BYO airbrush, paints and thinners.

So see you there.

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