Competition results page

SFMC - 28th Oct 2018

Category Placing ModelName
Gundam OOB 1st  MS 06 R 1A Zaku II Takumi Yoshioka
2nd AcGuy Scott Taylor
3rd  Zulu Gundam Michael Bradshaw
Gundam Mod 1st Scorched Earth Craig Flynn
2nd MG Z'Gok Scott Taylor
3rd Barbatos Lupis Feralis Dan Murphy
Veh and Eqip OOB 1st X Wing Alan Ross
2nd Viper Mk1 Simon McCormack
3rd Logicoma Scott Taylor
Veh and Eqip Mod 1st Hammer Slammers Combat Car Brian Thewlis
2nd Gunstar Brian Thewlis
3rd Nutrocker Michael Bradshaw
Mecha (non Gundam) 1st Recon SAFS Michael Bradshaw
2nd Armoured Recon Suit Engineer Brian Thewlis
3rd  Mellusine Michael Bradshaw
Figures Large 1st  District 9 Christopher Johnson Brian Thewlis
2nd Touch of Ice Laurence Farrugia
3rd One Punch Man Dan Murphy
Figures Small 1st Capt Amelia Steam Michael Bradshaw
2nd Fantasy Tank Girl Simon McCormack
3rd Captian Donato William Maginn
Busts 1st  Emo Fumina Dan Mruphy
2nd Zombiefied Brain Thewlis
3rd Commander katoc Laurence Farrugia
Dioramas 1st Falke Laurence Farrugia
2nd A Steamy Affair Steve Pullbrock
3rd Battle of Hoth Craig Flynn
Wargamming Unit 1st  Space Marines Alan Ross
2nd Ork Army Suzy Irvine
3rd ork Army Kult of Speed Rant Winters
Droids 1st C3PO Mark Coombes
2nd R2-Q5 Dean Jans
3rd BB8 Ed Roache
Special Awards
Best Paint MG Z'Gok Scott Taylor
Gundam of Choice Entry nr 3 Helen Van't Hof
Best Vehicle Falke Laurence Farrugia
Entrants Choice Falke Laurence Farrugia