Friday, 28 June 2013

July Update...... well and truly overdue.

Time for a small update today.
Some pictures from Expo 2013 and some club news.

The Modellers Retreat is almost upon us. The Venue is once again the YMCA Lady Northcote Camp in Rowsley. Deposits are due if you are attending. Should be a ripper this year again.

Swap and Sell is coming. Limited tables this year so if you want one get in quick. Contact Laurence to secure your site.

Dues: membership fees for 2013 are now overdue. Time for club members to pay up. Please Contact Darren or Jason for payment options.

Please not the next club meeting is not in our usual room at Camberwell. We are moved to new room due to a council function on the evening... Just look for the security dude if you get lost, we are still at the library just in a different spot.

Now for some expo stuff.
We had a great show this year and our display was well received. The show in general was as usual excellent and the display of talent from around not only this country but others was truly awesome. I have attached a few pics of models I liked this year....
Loved these guys, excellent paint work.
A well deserving best of show model this year.
Some fantastic model cars in attendance this year.
Some great dioramas on hand as well.
Some excellent Sci Fi with all the trimmings.... including lights.
Lets not forget the aircraft....
And the last picture Today that submarine which was Peoples choice....

Oh and some news...
Gino at VHC asked to pass on some news... They have 1/32 scale Bird Cage Corsairs now. Get in to them and secure yours. The M48 is not far away for the tredheads and they have had the long awaited restock of Gunze paints finally....

That will do for today. See you soon.