Sunday, 17 May 2015

Meeting Night Tuesday 19th May

Yes another month rolls around and Model Expo gets closer. This is the last club meeting before expo is upon us. Come along and bring your models.
This month we have a discussion on automotive modeling, with guest speaker Faz James talking about his Model of the Year winning automobile. Also Laurence F will discuss motorcycle and general car modeling. All are welcome to come and contribute.
Thanks to those that have replied to our requests for info on their ping pong models, if you haven't yet please let us know what you are bringing.
Band camp is almost now full, with 16 people registered to attend. Deposits can be paid to Rene.

Build day was a very successful day, with 14 people attending at various times. All of us got plenty done, and we had a good BBQ dinner. The day was filled with lively discussions, some of them to do with modeling some not. We also managed to sell off quite a stash of Geoff B's books, although there are still more. Congrats to Myself and Alex C for winning the 2 raffles on the day. We both scored nice stashes of goodies.
Planning has started for the next one in September, so don't miss that one.

See you on Tuesday.

I have included some pictures of the late evening modeling that was under way.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Update and pictures.

Hi All,
As promised the update with some pictures from the last meeting, and some extra shots from Rene of the History Comes Alive event he attended in Winchelsea.
I have also added a link page to the side bar with a link to the essentials for Build Day.....

First things first, as promised Mike R's Staggy and various other models.

And the vehicles and Re-enactors on display at History Comes Alive. This is an event held every 2 years in Winchelsea. Rene suggests it is well worth attending.

Sunday, 3 May 2015

News and event update, for May.

Just a quick update this evening with some news on up coming events.

Firstly as previously advertised this Saturday the 9th May is build day. This will be held at
St Faiths Parish
4 Charles St
Glen Iris
10 am opening until 10pm closing.
There will be a fee to help offset the price of the venue, of $20 for a full day, and $10 for a half day. The club will provide a BBQ dinner, which will be meat, bread and condiments (no green stuff) at 6pm. There will also be a cake for afternoon tea, and drinks (hot and cold) will be available all day.
There will be 2 raffles held over the course of the day, the prizes will be $50 worth of modeling supplies. This will be at a cost of $1 per ticket. There will be a before dinner draw and an evening draw.
We will also have a collection of aviation books for sale, with all moneys going to the club. The prices will be extremely good, so even if you just drop in for a chat and a shop, come down and see us.
There will be an essentials to bring list posted here later in the week. So bring a model or 2 and come down to sit and chat and partake in the hobby we all enjoy.

Just a quick note on Model Retreat in July (10-12th) booking are now open, and we have 13 spots already filled as of tonight. So if you wish to come this year please contact the club and let us know.

The next club meeting is Tuesday the 20th back at Ashburton. If you can't make build day, I look forward to seeing you there.

Along with the essentials list I will post some pictures from the last meeting, especially of Mike R's awesome Staghound.

See you soon.

Mic B