Sunday, 15 July 2018

IPMS Modelling retreat 2018

Hi all, with the successful conclusion of this years camp I have put some pictures here for members to look at.
We ventured once again to YMCA Lady Northcote Recreation camp in Rowsley (near Baccus Marsh for our annual club retreat and model fest. as in previous years tales were told, new tales were born and plenty of modelling got done.
The club thanks YMCA Lady Northcote and it staff for hosting us again, and it was a fantastic weekend.
Congrats to all raffle and prize winners over the weekend and a special nod to Tinny (Anthony) Sheedy who actually won the raffle draws 3 times, although declined prizes after the first win.
Thanks to all members who attended for making it a memorable and relaxing weekend.

Pictures below.

We turned into IMPS along the ways somewhere.....
A bit of history for the lodge we stayed in.
The first class accommodation, this was Mick Rennie's room.....

Awesome weather all weekend and the accommodation hall on the right with the Modelling Hall on the left.

Club members hard at work.
The "Vice"President hard at work....