Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Annual General Meeting, and February Club Meeting Report and News

AGM Report 2015.
Thanks to all members who participated at the AGM on Tuesday 17th Feb.
A new committee was elected and we can look forward to a great year ahead.
The committee elected is as follows:
Mic Bradshaw - President
Laurence Farrugia - Vice President
Michael Rennie - Secretary
Rene Dekoning - Treasurer
Alex Curlis - Committee Person
Larry DArguville - Committee Person
Brian Thewlis - Committee Person.

 News from the meeting:
We are looking at 2 new events for our calendar in the coming year. We are currently working out a venue and dates for the first which will be a build/ Social day this is being tentatively noted for the end of April with the venue being the church hall at St Faiths where our end of year was held. There will be a nominal fee to members to cover the hall cost, this will also include a BBQ dinner and drinks for the day. A special raffle will be held on the day with a goody bag or 2 of modeling supplies up for grabs. Our intention is to have the hall open from 11am to around 10pm on the day, allowing plenty of time for modeling, sharing ideas and tips or just socializing. We are thinking of holding a second one of these if the first is successful in September as well.
The second event will be a social dinner and get together on the Sunday evening of Model Expo in June. Partners, friends and people from other clubs or travelers from interstate are more than welcome. This will be at the Highways pub next to Sandown, and will be a pay your own way event. We are just looking to get us all together and have a nice meal and maybe a drink or two to discuss expo, gossip and modeling in general.
We have the following themes penciled in for our club meetings this year as well as some discussion topics. Participation is encouraged by all.
March's meeting, theme and discussion will be ping pong models and ideas for our club display at expo. Bring your creations and ideas along for a short talk.
April's meeting will be ANZAC models of any era and any subject. So bring your finished, in progress or even planned models along for a discussion and display.
May's meeting will be car modeling, we are hoping to have a guest speaker along for this one.
June's meeting will be an open forum for Model expo discussion, we would also like to see you bring your models and any trophies along for display.
July meeting will be an open night, with I am sure a fair portion of it going to reminiscing about the Model Camp for this year.
August's meeting will be a theme of 1945. As with Anzac models, bring along discussion topics models and other items related to this important date in history.
September meeting will be a discussion on bi-plane modeling. We are attempting to have a guest speaker for this.
October's meeting will be a discussion/demo on making bases and presentation of models.
November's meeting of course will be our annual trivia night.

We are looking to make some changes to the club meetings. What's new as we currently know it will be changed to:
What's new to you. Members are encouraged to bring along kits, books, mags or anything they would like to discuss that they have picked up recently. It does not necessarily have to be the latest and greatest kit or mag.
Rumor Mill. Members are encouraged to dredge up all those rumors and reported sightings of new kits.

Congrats to BT for model of the month in Feb for his Time Machine, the coveted glass tumbler will be coming your way.

Before I launch some pictures from the last meeting, I would like to ask all of our members to think of contributing to this blog. Pics, articles anything really, this is our resource and we would like to make more out of it with your participation. We will be making some changes in the coming month, so watch out for them.

Final Note is I have attached the flyer for Wings and Tracks below.

I hope you enjoy the year ahead and the models below.

Mic Bradshaw

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