Sunday, 18 March 2018

Wings and Tracks 2018 in Pictures

Today Wings and Tracks was held at the Ashburton Support Centre. The show was well attended with 22 modellers entering 65 models across all categories.
Traders in attendance were Scott from Scale Model Supplies (SMS) and Brian from Wargames Miniatures.
The day was well attended and there was plenty to see.
I have included some pictures below of the models on Display.
Congratulations to Martin Reid for Entrants Choice / Best of Show for his Taube.
This year the Golden Wing was for Amphibians and Flying Boats and the Golden Sprocket was for Amphibious Vehicles.
The Golden Wing Award went to Martin for his W-12 flying  boat.
The Golden Sprocket Award went to Mic Bradshaw for his BMP-2.

Thanks to all who attended, helped out and entered today.

Best of Show.
Golden Wing
Golden Sprocket
Below are some of the other Fantastic models on display today.

And finally the hard working judges at work.

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